We have been flooded with entries over the summer for our great kids competition. We asked our young readers to send us their bright and colourful artwork based on a wildlife theme for the chance to WIN one of five £20 prizes, and we have had some fantastic entries.

A difficult job to choose just five, but editor Tim Rumball has selected these spectacular winning entries, shown below (and printed in AG issue 17 October).

The five winners are: Erin, Theo, Maria, Joe and Isabelle:






Here is a selection of other beautiful artwork from young artists. Thank you to everyone for sending in your pictures!


Annabelle age 6Annabelle age 8


courtney age9Courtney age 9


daisy leatherbarrowDaisy Leatherbarrow 8


emma forshawEmma Forshaw


james morgan age 5James age 5


jessica hJessica Hallewell age 7


jessica wildingJessica Wilding age 4


joe phillipsJoe Phillips age 6



kelsey fearnKelsey Fearn age 9


lauren singletonLaren Singleton age 8


macy greenMacy Green age 8


marinMarin Nuttall age 6


max phillipsMax Phillips age 7


Mia DaleMia Dale age 6


peggy age 5Peggy Myatt age 5


poppy age 6Poppy Noble age 6


WhitneyWhitney O’Neill age 5



Amara Walker age 7Amara Walker age 7


Annalise Thomson-Moore age 5Annalise Thomson-Moore age 5


isabella holden age 5isabella holden age 5


Joe Smith age 10Joe Smith age 10


Louis smith age 6Joe Smith age 10


Mollie Gossling age 8Mollie Gossling age 8


Nola smith age 8Nola smith age 8



The pictures below are from the children of Wise Owl Play School

WISE OWL 1Ewan age 4

WISE OWL 2Sophia age 2 , Libby age 2 ¾ – a tortoise



clockwise from top left:
Florence age 3,  Orla age 3, Felicity age 3, Rosie age 3


WISE OWL 4clockwise from top left:
Annabella age 3 – a kangaroo, Florence age 3, Theo age 3

WISE OWL 5from left to right:
Jessica age 3, Flynn age 3, Oscar age 3


WISE OWL 6Top: Rudy age 3 ½ – a bat
Bottom: Ben age 3 ½


WISE OWL 7Molly age 3 ½,  Ewan age 3 ½

WISE OWL 8Rosie age 3, Austin age 3 1/2