As the months start to get cooler and the nights draw in, it is even more important to entertain the little ones. Why not get crafty and follow my simple steps to create a super cute decoration for your Christmas tree.

Here are my tips on making a pine cone reindeer decoration…

How to make a reindeer pine cone decoration


You will need:

– jiggly eyes

– pompom noses

– all purpose adhesive

– pine cones

– gold wire or ribbon

– twigs

– egg box (not essential)

• First get the children collecting twigs from the garden – or why not go on a nice stroll in the woods. We will use these twigs as antlers on the decoration so bear this in mind when selecting twigs.

• Place the pine cones in the egg box, the egg box is useful for holding the cones still whilst glueing on jiggly eyes and pompom noses. Don’t worry if you haven’t got an egg box you can just hold them one at a time as your child glues on the jiggly eyes and pompom noses.

• It is advisable to use a clear all-purpose adhesive which is fairly quick drying.

• Glueing the antlers is a little more tricky and may require an adult to help, but adding the features in stages and letting them dry is easier.

• Finally, I tied gold wire to the top of each cone so that the children could hang them on our Christmas tree.

Then sit back and admire your super cute decoration on your Christmas tree.

Why not send a picture of your creation to Amateur Gardening magazine – we always love to see our readers creations. Email your photo to amateurgardening@timeinc.com.

Good luck.