Take the inside outdoors and make a teepee tent for the kids.

Getting kids out in the fresh air, away from televisions and computers can be tricky. However this idea is one my kids say they want to enjoy every day of the holidays, says Katherine Miller

Now I’ll have a chance to do some gardening or even sit down and relax, whilst they play in the shade where I can see them.

I made a simple teepee from five branches tied at the top with string. Hazel branches are nice and straight, and I was lucky that we had recently pruned a tree, but sturdy bamboo canes would also do the trick.

This frame can stay where it is during the summer holidays. We covered the sides with old sheets and travel rugs, using clothes pegs to hold them in place. You can make the opening for the door wherever you like. We added a waterproof picnic blanket to sit on inside, some comfy cushions, and a basket for a table.

Building the tent was all part of the fun and the boys spent a long time arranging their things inside. They had tea in the tent, invited their toys and continued to play for hours, until I joined them with some stories and pegged the door closed to keep the warmth in. Even their dad, in his suit after work, crawled in amongst the teddy bears and admired their makeshift home… and then they built it all over again the next day.

Building a teepee tent in the garden with the children

Building a teepee tent in the garden with the children