There’s never been a better time to go organic and it couldn’t be easier to get started, as our friends at national gardening charity Garden Organic explain…

Make Your Garden Greener

Gardeners are natural custodians of their own little piece of the planet, and there’s never been a better time to be the change you want to see. As the Soil Association highlights the benefits of organic gardening, here are five easy tips you can follow to make your garden greener.

These tips, compiled for AG by the national gardening charity Garden Organic, are easy to implement so why not get started today? As Garden Organic head gardener Emma O’Neil explains, “With climate change and the damage being done to our environment being so much in the news at the moment, there’s never been a better time to support the organic movement.

“It can have a really positive effect on increasing biodiversity and the health of your soil, enabling us to grow lots of tasty organic fruit, vegetables and plants. Anyone can get involved! You don’t even need to have a garden or allotment – just a window box or a planter is enough to make those all important steps on your journey to growing organic.”


5 easy ways to make your garden greener:

Feeding Soil Make Your Garden Greener
Feed your soil:
A healthy soil should be teaming with its own wildlife. Giving it homemade compost will encourage worms and a host of tiny organisms – all of which not only provide nutrients to your plants, but also gives the soil a healthy structure for plants to feel at home in.

Globe Bees Make Your Garden Greener

Credit: Alamy

Attract the bees:
Make your growing area a haven for wildlife. Plants, insects, birds and small mammals all have a role in making your plot healthy and productive. So relax, leave a bit of your garden to go wild – the bees, butterflies and hedgehogs will thank you.

Washing Pots Make Your Garden Greener

Ditch single-use plastic:
Organic principles also mean using resources responsibly. So ditch the single-use plastic, wash and reuse pots, collect rainwater in butts and avoid excessive use of power tools. Remember – it’s reduce and reuse, before recycling.

Flowers and Veg Make Your Garden Greener

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Vary your planting:
Get creative by mixing flowers and veg, it’s the best way to confound those pesky pests. Different varieties will build up a healthy resilient growing area – and give you a more interesting garden!

Liquid Lawn Weedkiller Make Your Garden Greener

Don’t poison your plants:
Most importantly – ditch the toxic chemicals. Weeds, insects and even slugs all have a place in the grand design. Did you know dandelion flowers feed a hungry bumblebee early in the year, and aphids are food for birds feeding their chicks? Don’t poison your precious growing area!


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