Growing veg can save you money – as long as you don’t mind working for free!

Seed firm DT Brown grew a crop of 16 varieties worth £262.54 at supermarket prices on a 16x30ft plot.

While the seed cost a £31.46, the firm did not include the cost of gardeners’ labour needed to grow the produce.

The most valuable harvest came from a double row of climbing bean ‘Panthenon’. It yielded 8.11kg of pods worth £48.22 while three tomato plants (‘Favourita’ F1) grew 3.43kg of fruit, valued at £12.22.

DT Brown general manager Tim Jeffries said: “Our trial proves that it’s possible to get a good return from growing crops.

“We grew veg in a similar environment to the home gardener. In fact, I don’t think we grew intensively enough – I think we could have got more out of it.”

Tim summed up: “I appreciate gardeners also buy pots, trays and compost to produce some crops, but our experiment shows just how financially worthwhile it is to grow-your-own.”