Leading bulb company teams up with the Dutch masters of garden colour

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They were among the pioneers that established new links with Dutch bulb growers to reintroduce their fabulous flowers and bulbs to the UK’s garden market.

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Bakker is proud of its partnership with Keukenhof

Photo: Bakker is proud of its partnership with Keukenhof

Since 2015 Bakker has designed and created their own ‘inspiration’ gardens at Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens, situated near the Dutch town of Lisse.

This year the gardens, which have more than 7 million bulbs planted for the spring exhibition, is open to the public from March 23 to May 21. Bakker are proud to be a major partner of Keukenhof once again in 2017, continuing a partnership which has blossomed for many years.

Photo: Bakker has created a floral ‘Delft blue’ collection

Bakker will showcase a Mondriaan garden (panels with red, blue, white and yellow flowers), a Delft blue garden and their annual ‘Bakker Boulevard’.

The company will deliver more than 250,000 bulbs, for the beautiful Keukenhof show, including several varieties of tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, crocus, anemone, and more.

Gareth Richards, who visited the gardens last year, said: “From walking though the gates, the sense of excitement is buzzing around you. For any gardener, you can only liken it to Charlie entering the Chocolate Factory “Just wow! On route, I had to keep stopping to take photos of all around me.”

He added: “With naturalised areas with running water and tall trees, it is just like stepping into a fictional wood in a fairytale. Exploring the twisting paths and stepping stones, everywhere you look, there is nature at its best.

“All gardeners should visit the beautiful Keukenhof in spring, at least once in their life time.”

You can admire all the magnificent flowering bulbs at the Keukenhof from 23rd of March to 21st of May 2017. To create your own Keukenhof garden at home, visit www.bakker.com for inspiration and guidance.

Photo: Kerkenhof is a world of colour and delight

Photo: Thousands of people stroll down Bakker Boulevard

The history of the ‘kitchen garden’

The name Keukenhof (‘kitchen garden’) was first used in the 15th century when the kitchen staff of Countess Jacoba van Beieren gathered their herbs on this country estate.

In 1949 the first open air flower exhibition was organised at the initiative of the Mayor of Lisse and a number of leading bulb growers and exporters. The Keukenhof opened its doors for the first time!

Photo:  There is artistry behind the beauty of Kerkenhof

Over the last 60 years the Keukenhof has evolved into one of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands. More than 44 million people have visited this magnificent park.

Keukenhof is Europe’s biggest flower show! There are more than 7 million bulbs planned to be in bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience!

The Keukenhof theme for 2017 is “Dutch Design”. Dutch Design is characterized by Dutch steadiness combined with innovative solutions. Famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld, have laid the foundations for Dutch design.

Even today, Dutch designers are appreciated worldwide for their industry-leading designs in fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design.

Photo: The parkland is swathed in springtime colour

Facts about the Keukenhof

  • The most highly rated attraction in Europe
  • The largest flower garden in the world
  • 32 hectares of land
  • 5 million tulips in 100 varieties
  • 15 kilometres of footpaths
  • Largest statue garden in the Netherlands
  • Over 2,500 trees in 87 varieties
  • ‘Walk of fame’ with tulips named after celebrities

Photo: Bakker is a major partner of Keukenhof