Amateur Gardening readers have given a thumbs-up to Monty Don as presenter of Gardeners’ World – and called on the BBC to extend the programme to an hour.

Readers debated the 2015 series on AG’s Facebook page, calling on the Beeb to extend airtime devoted to gardening.

Heather Redhead wrote: “Gardeners’ World needs an hour. Millions of people garden. We are under represented.”

Cheryl Gough added: “Half an hour is too short. You start to get into it, then Monty says: ‘And this is all for this week.’”

Tracey Pye wrote: “I feel Monty is in touch with the kind of natural gardening that I aspire to.”

Ruth Byrne said she looked forward to programmes: “Carol’s love of plants is inspiring and Monty is knowledgeable.”

And Linda Lawton added: “When Monty sows his sweet peas, I sow mine. I know it’s the right time because of the trials he did.”

Carol Saunders said she was a fan of Joe Swift’s small gardens features – but Rosie Robertson said Joe was “not her cup of tea”.

Zena Coffield summed-up: “Love the show but it’s too short. Too much time is allocated to visiting larger gardens. Beechgrove Garden has more tips that relate to the type and size of garden that most of the population has.”