A bird box fit for royalty is giving our feathered friends something to tweet about. 

Peckingham Palace, one of the world’s most luxurious bird boxes, has been created to give gardeners a hoot for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Featuring the same pillars, grand arches and famous balconies as the real Buckingham Palace in London, it was commissioned by woodcare firm Cuprinol.

Although it took 336 hours to build, Cuprinol refused to squark about the cost – but AG suspects it didn’t come ‘cheep!’ The palatial des-res for high-flyers is made from fine pinewood and even has a Union Jack feeding area and an internet connection.

“The process was incredibly intrinsic compared to a standard bird box and was a test of craftsmanship, but the  result is fit for a queen,” said Cuprinol’s Kathryn Ledson.

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