An Amateur Gardening reader with £1.25million to spare could snap up the home and courtyard garden of a green-fingered celebrity.

Blackpitts is on the market for £1.25million

Small Town Gardens presenter James Alexander-Sinclair, the hat-wearing garden designer, is selling Blackpitts, the Northamptonshire property that features in his award-winning internet blog.

James and wife Celestria bought Blackpitts at Towcester in 1992 when they upped sticks from London. Back then, it was a “manky set of barns with crispy cow pats, moulding beams and vermin,” according to James.

But over the past 19 years he has transformed the farm into a stunning family home, built around a courtyard garden.

“I want a new project before I am too decrepit to cope with it,” James said. “My children have left home and there is nothing else I can do with the garden apart from tear it apart and start again.”

Blackpitts’ lawn is studded with giant beech columns, described in The Sunday Times as “resembling giant green Mars bars”.

“I don’t like them being called Mars bars,” said James. “They look nothing like Mars bars. It’s a twist on an old concept: using topiary, architecture and structure in a garden.

“The big, open lawn looked dull and I wanted something in the middle of it. It’s all about framing views – frightfully poncey designer speak.”

James Alexander-Sinclair

Blackpitts’ courtyard garden is packed with plants including alliums, poppies, nigella, salvia, astrantia and eryngium.

“I do feel sad to leave, but life goes on,” James summed up.

Blackpitts has six to eight bedrooms, four to six reception rooms, three bathrooms, outbuildings and gardens set within 1.2acres (0.5hectares) of land.

The property is for sale with Knight Frank. Call (01865) 790077 or go to