Super-sized dahlias are proving that big is beautiful.

New Dahlia ‘XXXL’

Giant dahlia ‘XXXL Series,’ exclusive to Thompson & Morgan, has dinner plate-size flower heads from early summer into autumn.

“These are the biggest flowered patio dahlias that we have seen,” said T&M’s Michael Perry.

“We think it’s time for dahlias to enjoy a revival thanks to their long-flowering and ability to lengthen the flowering season in the garden.”

Dahlia ‘XXXL’ (extra, extra, extra large) is a half-hardy annual that will grow in borders or pots, and thrives in sun or shade.

In trials, the variety is claimed to have displayed “superb vigour and performance”.

Despite its size (plants grow to 36-48in (90-120cm) stems are said to be resistant to snapping.

Plants go on sale in spring. Prices have not yet been set