He is known for pushing the boundaries of garden design and testing the patience of Chelsea Flower Show organiser the Royal Horticultural Society.

Diarmuid’s garden will be suspended in the air

So eyebrows were raised when celebrity designer Diarmuid Gavin unveiled plans to make his Chelsea comeback with a garden in a sci-fi style pod, hoisted in the air above the showground, using a crane.

Speaking at the RHS London Plant & Design Show in February, Home Front presenter Diarmuid described his seventh Chelsea attempt as a “deeply impractical garden that will never happen again”.

Diarmuid, who has never won a Chelsea gold medal, said: “Chelsea is both brilliant and a nightmare. It never gets any easier. I am not a typical Chelsea garden designer.
I don’t need gold medals or clients; nor do I create gardens that are acceptable to people. My plans are a bit off the wall.”

The Dublin-born designer hit on the idea of a garden in the air after watching science fiction movie Avatar last year.

“When I watched Avatar, I saw magnificent floating worlds and islands,” Diarmuid said. “I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to do an Avatar-style Chelsea garden in the sky?’”

Up to 50 circular pools will sit in Diarmuid’s 40x18m plot, to reflect the hanging garden suspended in a pod above.

The RHS confirmed it had approved Diarmuid’s design. He will create it on the showground’s Rock Bank.

Diarmuid joked: “If the RHS had refused to let me in, I was thinking of doing the garden on a crane outside Chelsea!”