Meet Egg & Chips - a novelty that's perfect for gardeners who want to impress the neighbours by growing potatoes and aubergines on the same plant.

Thompson & Morgan has taken the wraps off its exclusive Egg & Chips plant, which is the result of extensive “natural” plant grafting trials.

There has been no genetic modification.

The dual-cropper bears aubergines (which are known as egg plants in America and Europe) and potatoes, without the need for a greenhouse.

Plants will thrive in sunny sheltered spots in gardens, says T&M, as well as on patios and balconies.

It follows the launch of the ‘Tomtato’ – which produces both tomatoes and potatoes – in 2013.

T&M said it has sold over one million plants worldwide since its launch.

The company’s new product guru Michael Perry described ‘Egg & Chips’ as “real innovation”.

He said: “For seasoned veg growers this is a really novel development. For those without the luxury of an allotment or a large veg patch, it makes the most of available space in the garden.

“Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a pot-grown ‘Egg & Chips’ plant,” Michael explained.

T&M claims a plant will yield an average of three or four “large tasty aubergines” while below ground it will produce up to 2kg of versatile white potatoes – suitable for boiling, mashing, roasting or chips.

It’s claimed that the aubergine strain has “had the bitterness bred out of it” so it can be picked, chopped and cooked – without the need for salting, washing and drying.

Limited stock is available for despatch from April onwards. Potted plants (9cm) cost £14.99 (or two for £19.99). Call (0844) 573 1818 or visit for more details.