One of gardeners’ most trusted plant fungicides has been consigned to history.

As of 31 December 2011, gardeners were banned from using or storing green and yellow sulphur which was bought as a fungicide, due to a European Union directive.

From now, gardeners will only be allowed to use yellow sulphur as a soil acidifier or soil nutrient – or risk committing an offence.

Yellow sulphur had been a proven organic treatment against powdery mildew on ornamentals as well as fruit and vegetables.

It had been used to protect bulbs, corms and tubers, especially dahlias, against storage rot. No alternative product is available.

David Senior of product firm Vitax told AG: “We are no longer able to supply green and yellow sulphur as fungicides in the EU.

“While the fungicidal use of yellow sulphur has been withdrawn, we are continuing to supply the same material as a garden sundry.

“The material is still of value as a soil acidifier and a secondary nutrient for sulphur-deficient soils.

“Labelling on the current products has been amended,” David added.