Exotic hibiscus overtook poinsettia in a plant supplier’s chart of Christmas best-sellers.


While scented hyacinths hold on to the number one slot, Thompson & Morgan noted that poinsettias fell out of its Christmas top 10 for the first time.

The firm says hibiscus, with its big festive blooms, “stands up to the ravages of central heating and draughts much better than the coloured foliage of poinsettia and will keep on going through January and beyond”.

T&M’s Alice Speedie said: “Poinsettia is a great option for a Christmas display but they can be a little tricky to keep perfect, particularly cheap supermarket imports.

“Set near heat or draughts, foliage can crisp or wilt.

“Hibiscus are much easier to care for and will bloom through the year in most households,” Alice explained.

However, Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’ has held the top slot at Christmas since 1999.

As well as hibiscus, T&M reported that its sales of dendrobium orchids were on the up at Christmas, too.