Alan Titchmarsh has warned that society’s obsession with technology is making us lose touch with nature.

The former Gardeners’ World host said: “We are part of a fast-paced culture that’s become increasingly reliant on technology – in pressing a button we achieve our aims.

“But if that means we lose the ability to involve ourselves in a hands-on way with nature, to understand how she works and to play an active part in growing and nurturing things, then there is little hope for the future.”

Alan, who will present Love Your Garden on ITV1 this summer, said “whingeing” about global warming and climate change was not enough.

“It is even more important that we each look after our own patch of land right now, however small, and make the most of it.

“Sowing seeds, planting and growing things are practical ways in which we can make a difference,” Alan said.

“We need to get out there and get stuck in. Only then can we experience the joy of working first-hand with nature and be confident in passing on our skills to generations that follow.”

Ironically, Alan made his comments to promote B&Q’s first internet-based question and answer session, which took place on Facebook. Alan is B&Q’s gardening ambassador.

B&Q said: “To get his message across, Alan decided that if he cant’ beat them, he may as well join them, so he preened his keyboard skills.”