One of Britain’s best-known garden critics has confessed that she finds gardening a ‘chore’ and hates doing it.

Anne Wareham, who starred in Channel 5’s I Own Britain’s Best Home and Garden, also lashed out at the fashion for encouraging kids to garden, a trend spearheaded by AG columnist Peter Seabrook.

Garden critic Anne Wareham (copyright: IPC)

“Children are inseparable from their parents these days and have to follow each other around all the time. They should be allowed time to play by themselves rather than being dragooned into worthy activities,” said Anne.

The former social worker at a psychiatric hostel was speaking to promote her new book, The Bad Tempered Gardener (a play on Christopher Lloyd’s The Well Tempered Garden).

Anne, who has created the gardens at Veddw House in Monmouthshire with husband Charles Hawes, calls herself “the inverse to Carol Klein”. She admitted that she hates gardening and finds her peers insufferable.

And Anne’s not a fan of the nation’s favourite flower, the rose, either: “Rose bushes are awfully ugly and there are far too many rose gardens around, for instance at Bodnant or Sudeley Castle. They’re awful,” she said.

“They’re blobs on sticks! They take far too much looking after to get a decent plant.”

Angry Anne called gardening a chore and said that she liked the result, but not the effort it required.

“I have four acres and it is [managed] single-handed. It is hard work; often unpleasant. It demands your attention.”

She summed up: “God knows why people grow veg. We did it: talk about hard work! The truth is you can’t easily grow the food you most want. I used to garden until 10pm. Then I’d pick the veg, remove the slugs from it and then cook it.”