Gardeners are pledging to plant bee-friendly flowers in 2013, environment campaigners have claimed.

(Picture credit: Wikimedia)

Friends of the Earth (FoE) found that 62 per cent of adults who had a garden or window box wanted to help stricken honey bees.

Bees have suffered catastrophic colony collapse across Europe in recent years and no-one knows why.

Habitat loss, pesticide use, the Varroa mite and climate change have all been blamed.

The Ipsos MORI survey, commissioned by FoE, found that two in three gardeners (67 per cent) wanted to find out more about pollinating insects.

Only 12 per cent of people polled correctly identified a honey bee in a line-up of seven common insects, including wasps, hornets and hoverflies.

FoE carried out the poll for its Bee Cause campaign. It is calling on prime minister David Cameron to commit to a national bee action plan, and a review of the effects of pesticides on bees.