If recent trips to the garden centre have plunged your bank balance into the red, you are not alone.

Shoppers can spend a fortune at garden centres

That’s because UK gardeners spend an average of £25,000 on their gardens during their lifetimes – claims a study.

The whopping sum is enough to buy a gleaming new BMW 3 Series, an Audi A4 or four Dacia Sanderos.

For green-fingered Brits, the single biggest expense was garden furniture, racking up a bill of £9,150.

Gardeners will fork out £7,200 on plants, according to research by artificial grass retailer 8 Grono.co.uk.

A spokesman said: “Gardeners see money spent as an investment.

“Their gardens give them hours of pleasure and satisfaction so it’s little wonder that many are prepared to spend thousands of pounds to create the perfect private oasis,” he added.

Brits will spend an average of £3,920 on sheds during their lifetime and £2,770 on tools.

And watering doesn’t come cheap for those on meters, racking up a bill of £1,800 over the decades.