One of Britain’s most respected broadcasters is to give TV viewers a taste of how gardening on the box may look in the future.

Sir David Attenborough has spent a year filming at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for a three-part mini-series which will be transmitted in 3D this May.

Sir David Attenborough spent a year filming plants in 3D at Kew Gardens

3D broadcasts give viewers an illusion of depth, making images appear true to life.

Kew houses 90 per cent of all know plant species. Sir David’s Kingdom of Plants series will use 3D time-lapse techniques to examine plant life.

Sir David said: “One of the most wonderful things about filming plants is that you can reveal hidden aspects of their lives.

“You can capture the moment as one plant strangles another, and as they burst into flower.

“But while time-lapse photography allows you to see things that no human being has ever seen, the added element of 3D takes the audience even further still.

“Stamens extend and burst to reveal their pollen grains in exquisite detail. The whole experience of 3D is entrancing and hypnotically beautiful.”

Three, 50-minute broadcasts will air in 3D on Sky 3D and in 2D on Sky Atlantic HD. Each will focus on an area of plant life – such as coping with wet and humid environments, scent and survival.

Executive producer at Atlantic Productions, Anthony Geffen, said: “With David’s passion for plants, and one of the largest botanical collections in the world, we were able to push 3D technology to capture the lives of plants like never before.”

The bad news is that only viewers with a 3D-enabled telly and subscription service will be able to watch in 3D.

Viewers also have to wear special 3D glasses.