Brits are so desperate to have a garden that house-buyers would pay an extra £35,000 on top of a property price just to own a little bit of England.

A survey of 2,000 adults nationwide found that properties with gardens or outdoor space can command a big premium.

Londoners hankered the most for greenery. They’re prepared to fork-out an average of £82,700 on top of a property value if it had a garden.

Those living in the south east would mortgage themselves up to the tune of an additional £49,600. But the Welsh were least concerned about having a garden, stating they were willing to part with just an extra £13,200, possibly due to having valleys on their doorsteps.

The research by found that grow-your-own remains a driver in demand for properties with gardens, with one in 10 Brits growing food.

Those in the East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber are most likely to have a vegetable plot.

The study comes a week after separate research found that an average of two in five properties on the market in London have no green space.

The worst London boroughs are Tower Hamlets, Westminster and Hackney, with fewer than 40 per cent of properties having a garden. Buyers have to go out to Bexley and Bromley to find more homes with gardens.’s research may not come as a big surprise to those familiar with London, but new that only half of properties for sale in Gateshead, Salford and Bootle (all in the North) have gardens will dismay buyers.

But it’s not all bad news. More than 90 per cent of properties for sale in Grimsby and Hastings have a garden while Bristol, at nearly 80 per cent, is the city for homes with green space.