Gardeners who like to grow for show have prompted a seed firm to launch a range of exhibition veg. 

Mr Fothergill’s has pooled 16 tried-and-tested varieties for exhibition growing, some of which are new to company, into one specialist line-up.

“Growing for showing is increasingly popular, often with gardeners who want to enter the spirit of their local show and compete for fun,” said the company’s Ian Cross.

Varieties were picked for quality, shape and uniformity, as well as taste. It is not a range of giant veg, with the exception of Pumpkin ‘Atlantic Giant’.

Varieties in the Exhibition Vegetables range include runner bean ‘Benchmaster,’ Onion ‘Vento’ F1 and Leek ‘Cairngorm’ F1. Prices range from £2.20 to £3.90.

Call  (0845) 371 0518 for more information.