Feeling down in the dumps in the middle of winter? You’re not alone.

There’s a snowdrop in Scotland that’s grumpy by name and appearance.

When it blooms in February it has two eyes and a turned-down mouth.

But the fed-up flower gets a smile from visitors to the Cambo Country Estate in Fife where it is part of a national collection.

Although the rare bloom,  Galanthus elwesii ‘Grumpy’ was found at a garden in Cambridgeshire 20 years ago, is remains highly sought-after.

“It is difficult to grow. Bulbs have been known to fetch as much as £100,” said a spokeswoman for the estate.

“It is popular with gardeners but although we sell specialist snowdrops on the estate it is only very occasionally that we have ‘Grumpy’ for sale.

“People still send us money hoping to buy one.”

The Cambo Estate has 350 varieties of snowdrops in 70 acres of woodland.
Its Snowdrop Festival (1 February to 13 March) features Snowdrops by Starlight when the woods are lit up (11-19 February).

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