If your home or garden has been flooded, it will come as little consolation. 

Water companies are confident they will not have to impose hosepipe bans on gardeners this summer [2014] after months of torrential downpours.

“Our reservoirs are full and groundwater levels are high or exceptionally high,” said a spokeswoman for Thames Water.

“We can’t promise there won’t be a hosepipe ban, but it would need an extraordinary event to lead to [water] restrictions,” she added.

It was a similar story at Anglian Water, which serves one of the driest regions of the UK.

A spokeswoman told AG: “We had to bring in restrictions a couple of years ago but that was after 18 months of very dry weather.

“Now, every reservoir is above 90 per cent and some are full. Ground water levels have returned to normal, too.

“We will continue our ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign to help customers reduce water use. We will encourage gardeners to install water butts.”