When it came to identifying who was responsible for wrecking a suburban garden, there was no snout about it!

Kent resident Peter Baker set up a camera to catch the culprit after weeks of night time attacks left his back garden looking like a pigsty.

Peter, who has lived at the property in Ightham for over 35 years, trawled through grainy CCTV footage and was amazed to see wild boar feasting on his lawn.

He told AG: “At first I thought it was foxes or badgers, but it soon became clear the damage was being caused by a bigger animal.

“Over a period of two to three weeks, the attacks became a nightly event. Something was digging a good nine inches down into the soil. My lawn was left looking as if it had been ploughed!”

CCTV footage caught two wild hogs on film, devouring Peter’s 100 foot-long garden with their snouts.

Boar are compact animals with large heads and short legs. Their populations are reported to have increased significantly in the UK since the 1990s.

They forage extensively at night and during early morning, feasting on grass, berries, roots, tubers and nuts – before resting for long periods of time.

Neighbours in Peter’s street said they suspected the swine were living in a field at the end of their gardens.

Asked how he could prevent further attacks, Peter said:
“I’ve had a new fence put up. Hopefully they can’t get in again!” He has now set about restoring the turf that surrounds his greenhouse.

But neighbours are on red-alert for attacks by the porkers.

One resident said she believed that apple trees in gardens could have been attracting beasts from fields.

She said: “There are chewed-up apples everywhere. I’ve seen the damage to our neighbour’s garden and it looks like a plough’s gone through it.”

Traps have reportedly been set up in the field in a bid to catch the rampaging boar.