Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has mocked the nation’s favourite hobby.

An advertisement to promote Jeremy’s new book says: “Dads, gardening is a pointless way of passing the time until you die.”

Jeremy Clarkson’s new book advertisement

The ad has been seen by millions of people using the public transport system.

Jeremy is notorious for insulting ramblers, owners of caravans and drivers of Reliant Robins – but this time he’s directed his sarcasm at gardeners.

The motoring presenter’s views didn’t win him friends at the Royal Horticultural Society.

RHS marketing director Dan Wolfe responded: “Thankfully, Mr Clarkson’s view is held by only a small minority.

“Because if it were otherwise, we’d all have choked long ago on the carbon dioxide emitted by his Top Gear pursuits.”

Gavin McEwan, editor of Careers in Horticulture, a guide for school-leavers and career-changers looking to move into gardening, said: “As thousands of career-changers have found, gardening is actually a very agreeable way to pass the time before you die, which will be a lot less imminent that if you spend your time in high-powered cars.”

Director-general of the Horticultural Trades Association, David Gwyther, summed up: “Twenty million gardeners in the UK would disagree.

“And Jeremy might want to consider the benefits of gardening to his own health and well-being, before it’s too late!”

An article by Jeremy from The Sunday Times in May 2001 offered an insight into why the BBC star is anti-gardening.

Jermey wrote: “I want to be a gardener. I want a shed and some secateurs. I want Homes & Gardens magazine to profile my work, but all I can do is cut grass. Everything else turns to disaster.”