TV baker Mary Berry has finally agreed to have a rose named after her - because she likes to buy British.

The Mary Berry rose is pale-yellow and comes from Mary’s favourite grower, Harkness Roses in Hertfordshire. It will be launched at Chelsea in May.

The Great British Bake-Off star Mary, interviewed at a Chelsea [2016] preview by Alan Titchmarsh, said: “For years I’ve bought from Harkness. I’ve always liked the idea that all the roses they grow are British.

“They don’t import anything. I’ve been to their nursery in Hertfordshire and I’ve always taken their advice and had great success with ‘Chandos Beauty’. We have two beds of those.

“My rose is pale-lemon, not unlike ‘Chandos Beauty’. It flowers twice. It has the most beautiful scent, which is important to me and is good as a cut flower.”

Mary said her aim was to try not to buy flowers: “We’ve got so much to pick still [in the garden] and its lovely.”

Alan Titchmarsh described Mary Berry as a “great cook” but he also said she was
a “great practical gardener”.