Environment groups claim certain insecticides, known as neonicotinoids, are leading to the decline of bees, which pollinate many vital food crops. The chemicals remain legal and approved for garden use. But the issue has divided gardeners – including AG’s writers. Here, three of the magazine’s staff state their personal opinions on neonicotinoids.


Tim Rumball

Tim Rumball, Editor of AG – “NO BAN ON NEONICOTINOIDS” 

Tim says: “Campaigners should focus on global political solutions to damage caused by major industry, transport and agriculture, and stop looking for easy targets to score cheap victories based on suspect evidence.”




Marc Rosenberg

Marc Rosenberg , AG News editor – “SUSPEND USE OF NEONICOTINOIDS” 

Marc says: “We need a two-year suspension across farm and garden use while evidence is assessed. I’ve heard too many claims and counter-claims. Any ban must be based on science and not hysteria.”




Michelle Wheeler, AG Gardening writer – “BAN NEONICOTINOIDS NOW” 

Michelle Wheeler

Michelle says: “The evidence shows that neonics are harmful to beneficial insects. As an organic gardener I have no need to use chemicals because I have enough natural predators in my garden to deal with pests.”