Suttons is claiming a ‘world exclusive’ with its new dwarf self-pollinating mulberry called 'Charlotte Russe' that bears seedless fruits in its first year.


The mulberry grows to just 5x5ft (1.5 x 1.5m) compared to traditional types that can grow into trees up to 26ft (8m) tall.

It is being hailed as a breakthrough in breeding that’s ideal for a large tub.

Fully hardy, ‘Charlotte Russe’ fruits on new and old wood. Suttons says it’ll crop in its first year.

Older mulberry varieties take up to nine years to crop.

A Suttons spokeswoman said: “Fruits taste like a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry, with a hint of blackberry, too. They make wonderful jams, sorbets, pies, muffins and mulberry gin!”

Fruits appear in May and are still ripening in September. No pruning is required unless the shape needs to be tidied up.

Plants, available for despatch from April, cost £17.99 for a 9cm pot.

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