A new outdoor cherry tomato is gardeners’ latest weapon in the fight against blight.

Tomato ‘Crimson Cherry’ has been bred for outdoor growing and comes with a claim that it can “shrug off the worst blight”.

Exclusive to Suttons, it follows the standard-fruiting blight-resistant ‘Crimson Crush’ tomato, new last year.

A spokeswoman said: “‘Crimson Cherry’ will provide great yields of fine-tasting large cherry tomatoes.

“It’s early-fruiting so a good crop will be gained before late blight makes an appearance.

“Plants can exhibit infection on up to 15-20 per cent of leaf surfaces, but that’s when the resistance kicks in and healthy plants can normally grow away from the attack.”

Suttons says the variety is “unique” as it has two resistance genes to late-blight (Phytophthora infestans), giving it “full resistance” to all current UK strains of blight.

If blight spores come into contact with the plant, the infection will not spread throughout it, Suttons says.

‘Crimson Cherry’ costs £4.99 for one grafted potted plant.

Go to www.suttons.co.uk.or call (0844) 326 2200 to order.