A garden can help home-owners’ bank balances to grow, claims a study.

Property experts estimate than a perfect plot adds around 10 per cent to the value of a house.

And in London, where a housing boom shows no sign of slowing, it’s been claimed that an ‘outdoor room’ can push up the price of a city pad by around £115,000.

Managing director of Romans Property Group Professional Services, Peter Kavanagh, said: “In Twickenham, where the average price of a three-bedroom house is around £700,000, and a four-bed property is £1.15million, that puts the value of a well-kept garden conservatively between £70,000 and £115,000 – or more.”

Jen Butcher, of home search firm Property Potential Surrey, said: “Viewing a home with an attractive garden is all part of the fantasy of moving to a bigger space.

“A scruffy and unloved garden can carry a heavy penalty, as untamed gardens are all too often seen as overwhelming. They put people off before they’ve even got out of the car.”

The study, by Squires Garden Centres, also saw 1,500 people quizzed about their gardening habits.

Ninety-five per cent of amateur gardeners said they spent half a day in their garden every week – with 91 per cent spending over two hours working on their plots.

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