BBC Scotland’s flagship gardening series The Beechgrove Gardenis to be broadcast nationally for the first time this spring.

Scotland’s Beechgrove presenting team

In a move that will create a rival to Gardeners’ World, Beechgrove will be broadcast across the whole of the UK on BBC2 on Sunday lunchtimes from late-March/early April.

BBC executives have commissioned 26 half-hour episodes for 2013, produced by Tern TV.

Producer Gwyneth Hardy said: “We are very excited! At a time of so much talk about cuts and budgets being slashed, it is great to see Beechgrove being given so much support.”

The Beechgrove Garden, fronted by Jim McColl, is a “firmly practical” 35 year-old series, the majority of which is filmed from a purpose-built garden based near Aberdeen.

It grew in popularity as viewers outside Scotland discovered it on the BBC iPlayer, and via Sky TV.

Gwyneth added: “We used to think Scotland had unique conditions but we have had a huge response from non-Scottish viewers who said Beechgrove was just as relevant to them.”

However, although the content is appropriate to “two-thirds of the UK,” said Gwyneth, it will be tweaked to ensure it’s of interest to gardeners everywhere.

A new presenter will soon join the team and new features will be added.