Suttons has launched the “world’s first fully blight-resistant tomato” – and it goes on sale for the first time this month (January 2015).


Tomato ‘Crimson Crush’ was developed by a British breeder in conjunction with a PHD student at Bangor University.

Suttons first saw it in a glasshouse in Yorkshire and a field trial in North Wales.

It was, according to the firm, a “shining green and red beacon surrounded by blight-infested tomato plants”.

The Devon-based company says the new tom has two resistance genes against blight, making it resistant to “all common blight strains in the UK including Pink 6 and Blue 13 which have decimated outdoor tomato crops”.

A spokeswoman said: “Other varieties have some tolerance or have the PH2 gene, but this is the first with both resistance genes.

“The taste is outstanding; far superior to any other disease-resistant variety. It is a variety that was selected for its flavour before we were aware of its blight resistance.”

Suttons said gardeners who grow tomatoes outdoors “would get a crop” due to its resistance, despite the scourge of blight.

The spokeswoman added: “If you compare it to a variety like ‘Fantasio,’ which has one resistance gene, it will easily outperform it in terms of yield and flavour.”

‘Crimson Crush’ is an intermediate, standard-sized tomato. Yields are said to be large, with fruits weighing up to 200g. For three plants priced at £7.99, go to