Suttons is set to launch a new seed range, designed to help Britain’s declining band of pollinators to survive. 

New for 2014, Suttons’ Wildlife Sanctuary range will encompass flowers, vegetables and herbs. Seeds have been chosen to provide nectar and pollen all year-round for beneficial insects.

Honey bee populations have declined heavily across Europe over the past decade – and no-one knows why.

Pesticides, habitat loss and the bee-killing parasitic Varroa mite have all been blamed.

Now, Suttons has partnered with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to launch the 38 variety-strong range.

Each variety has been picked to provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with essential nourishment.

A Suttons spokeswoman said: “Britain’s bees are in crisis so Suttons Seeds has teamed up with the British Beekeepers Association to provide the ultimate collection of flower and vegetable seed varieties that will keep the honey bee and other pollinators nourished all-year-round.

“As well as bringing colour to our gardens, this range will benefit us, as one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination.’’

Strawberries, beans and tomatoes are just a handful of edibles that rely on honey bees and other pollinators to crop successfully, claims Suttons.

The Wildlife Sanctuary range includes Buddleja ‘Butterfly Hybrids,’ Forget-Me-Not ‘Royal Blue,’ Verbena ‘Purple Elegance,’ Rudbeckia ‘Indian Summer’ and runner bean ‘Scarlet Emperor’. Seed prices range from £1.49 to £3.69.