Mail-order seed and plant specialist Thompson & Morgan is exclusively launching a “fully blight-resistant” salad tomato.


Tomato ‘Mountain Magic’ F1 is a cordon-trained variety that can be grown in veg patches or on allotments.

Outdoor toms have become tricky to grow in recent years due to the curse of blight, which has swept across the UK.

But T&M said: “Not only does it have good resistance to early blight, it carries late blight-busting genes, giving it protection against all current British strains including Pink6 and Blue13, the most virulent to hit crops.

“It also has in-built genetic resistance to verticillium and fusarium wilt, and skin cracking,” the firm said.

T&M claims that gardeners will be “hard pushed to find better flavour from such a disease-resistant tomato”.

Fruits are said to have high sugar levels and each weigh around 56g. They’ve been compared in flavour to heritage types such as ‘Brandywine’.

‘Mountain Magic’ F1 costs £3.99 for five seeds.