There is a “desperate need” for a good TV gardening show, former Ground Force builder Tommy Walsh has said. 

Landscape expert Tommy is working on a “mix of a quiz show and gardening show” – and is hoping that telly producers give his new format the thumbs-up.

“You’d have to win a garden of your dreams in a quiz,” said Tommy.

“A dream design would be up on the wall. For each question that contestants get right, a bit of the design would light up.

“Whoever gets the whole design to light up first wins a makeover by a top designer.”

Tommy, who found fame when Ground Force drew 12million viewers 10 years ago, is also writing a book.

The working title is ‘Things Your Dad Should Have Told You’.

“It’s based around DIY and structural gardening. We have a couple of generations where knowledge hasn’t been passed on,” Tommy explained.