THE NATION’S favourite gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, has a secret ambition to become a Member of Parliament.

In an interview with The Times he revealed how he thought he could contribute to Britain’s political life with a common sense “getting-things-done” approach to the issues of the day.

But Alan said he’d probably stand to be an MP on an independent ticket because he feels no particular affiliation to any one political party.

And there’s an obstacle standing in his way – Mrs Titchmarsh.

“‘My wife will shoot me for saying I’d even think about standing for parliament,” he said. “But I have thought about it!”

Earlier this year [2015] Alan revealed a list of 20 tongue-in-cheek manifesto pledges including year-round Poldark on Sunday nights, a £100 levy for using Facebook, and a ban on wire coat hangers.

But some of his pledges would certainly find  favour with Britain’s gardeners. Among them:

  • Anyone caught throwing litter out of a car should spend a week working at
    the local tip.
  • If you chop down a tree you have to plant another five to replace it.
  • All children from 5-18 should have lessons in nature and gardening.