A ‘unique’ new daffodil is to celebrate one of the most ambitious garden creation projects in recent history.

‘Alnwick Magic’

The Alnwick Garden, created by the Duchess of Northumberland, teamed up with bulb specialist Peter Nyssen to develop the novelty bloom.

‘Alnwick Magic’ has ivory-white petals and an amber-orange centre mixed with buttermilk-white.

A limited number are expected to go on sale at Alnwick’s Daffodil Festival in Northumberland from 6-15 April.

Spokeswoman Jenny Hayes told AG: “Being in the early stages of development, there are only 700 being produced this year.

“However, what is not sold following the daffodil festival will be made available to purchase online from Peter Nyssen or at The Alnwick Garden.

“A greater number will be produced next year,” Jenny added.

‘Alnwick Magic’ daffs have been priced at £2 per bulb.

Call (01665) 511350 or go to www.alnwickgarden.com for opening times and details.