An Amateur Gardening reader could bank a huge £6,000 jackpot – by growing the world’s biggest tomato.


A new national championship will celebrate the launch of tomato ‘Gigantomo’.

It’s a beefsteak, and just one fruit can feed a whole family.

Mail-order supplier Van Meuwen has put up a prize of £1,000 for the gardener who can grow the heaviest ‘Gigantomo’ at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.

And the company will hand over a further £5,000 if the winning tomato is crowned the world’s biggest.

Harrogate show director Nick Smith said: “I understand the average ‘Gigantomo’ weighs up to 3lbs; enough tomato to feed a family.

“But in the hands of our expert veg growers, I am hoping for some monsters – and look forward to seeing the current 3.71kg world record broken, or pureed!”

Tomato ‘Gigantomo’ costs £3.99 for six seeds (or five plug plants for £14.99).

The launch of the giant tom last month sparked a media frenzy, which saw all 500 packs of seed sell out during a “36-hour buying frenzy,”

Brand manager Chris Wright said: “It’s an impressive feat.

“We knew we were on to a winner when we negotiated the exclusive supply, but our initial sales have exceeded all expectations.”

An extra 10,000 packets have now been filled to meet demand from gardeners.

Tomato ‘Gigantomo’ is best grown under glass, trained as a cordon.

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