Gardeners who can’t face going into sheds in autumn due to their fear of spiders may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.


A shed supplier has launched what it claims is the world’s first spider-proof building.

But peace of mind comes at a price: the 6x8ft shed has a spine-chilling £1,999 price tag!

Maker Tiger Sheds said it acted after learning that 25 per cent of Brits are too scared to venture into their sheds due to arachnophobia.

So it has created a shed with a host of features to keep eight-legged terrors out, while all joints are silicone sealed to ensure there are no gaps or cracks.

Airtight windows feature toughened glass while an air-tight door with a special seal is claimed to prevent creepy crawlies from wandering in.

Shed interiors are lined with ‘spider-repellent lining paper’ to stop spiders entering through the cladding, while a sky-blue exterior has been chosen as it’s a “colour that repels spiders”.

The roof has been upgraded to heavy duty polyester-backed felt to keep bugs and water out, while a fun ‘no spiders’ sign can be displayed on the door.

A spokesman said: “We spent a lot of time researching spider deterrents and liaised with numerous arachnid experts to come up with the product, which we’re confident will keep spiders out.”

For serious arachnophobes, a six-monthly pest test (prices on application) can be arranged to check no spiders have breached the shed’s defences.