Hundreds of marginal and aquatic plants are making a splash at the UK’s first public natural swimming pond.


Swimming ponds have featured at flower shows for a number of years – but this 411 square metre installation, at King’s Cross in London – will be open for the public to try by late-spring.

The pond, which can accommodate up to 170 bathers, will be chemical-free. Planting provides natural filtration.

The swimming pond is being built by Kingcombe Aquacare, a partner of natural pool firm Biotop, for the King’s Cross Development Partnership in London.

Kingcombe’s chairman John Coulton said: “The plants will take time to establish, but we hope by mid-summer that swimmers will be able to enjoy the array of beautiful plants, and the variety of insects and wildlife that the planted zone attracts.”

Plants include hundreds of oxygenating varieties, such as Elodea canadensis, Lagarosiphon major (curly waterweed) and Myriophyllum spicatum (watermilfoil).

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