Take a look back and remember the popular TV show Ground Force


Ground Force first came onto our screens in 1997 on the BBC. The show was a huge success for many years. The presenters were Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh.

Each episode, a team of gardeners made over a garden of someone who had been nominated by a member of their family or a friend. Whilst that individual was away for a number of days, Alan, Charlie, Tommy, assisted by friends and family, made over the garden, and surprised the individual on their return. 

Alan Titchmarsh was the lead presenter ably assisted by Charlie Dimmock who was famously known for not wearing a bra. Tommy Walsh was the builder and he has since gone on to host a variety of DIY shows.

We would love to know your memorable moments of the show or just bits you remember fondly. Please leave a comment below and we will compile the best bits and publish at a later date.

One of our top moments from the show was when the Ground Force team went to New York after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They made over a small area for a local community who had been affected by the tragic event. The project took three days and the Ground Force team jetted off to New York and surprised Bette Midler with a new tranquil garden.

To get you in the Ground Force spirit why not sit back and remember the theme tune.