Amateur Gardening cover 10 August 2019

What’s In This Issue…
Free seeds worth £2.35, plus:


Jobs for this week

Close The Colour Gap
It’s time to revive flagging summer beds,
says Ruth

Cut Back Summer Raspberries
Remove fruited canes to make room
for the new!

Don’t Waste Precious Water
Ruth’s guide to making the most of
liquid refreshments

Beat The Weeds With Plants
Use groundcover plants to prevent weeds,
as Ruth explains

Start Your Hardy Annuals
Sow in late summer or autumn for a head start in spring

Sowing Free Seeds
Soaring larkspur is a graceful garden edition, says Ruth


Great garden ideas

Plugging The Hungry Gap
How you can make sure the veg keeps coming!

Six Of The Very Best: Crocosmias
Hot-hued flowers for borders, pots and vases

How To Grow White-Flowering Shrubs
Freshen up late-summer borders with these cool whites

Hydrangeas Are Back In Fashion!
Floriferous delights with classic mops and tasteful exotics

Autumn Sparkle With Berrying Plants
Plant now for a stunning show in just a few weeks

Get The Look: Courtyard ‘Fusion’ Garden
Intriguing mix of East and West in deepest, darkest Dorset!


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Enviromesh can really help your veg crops, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Stop the evil vine weevil with Bob’s trusty guide

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
A mini-meadow brings some unexpected visitors

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Edible seeds, plant saffron, stake brassicas, try perilla

Ask John Negus
Fuchsia cuttings, ailing blueberry and blossom end rot

Anne Masterclass
What should you be pruning in summer? Anne reveals all…

A Garden’s Miscellany
This week’s quizzes and trivia celebrate the runner bean

Your Letters
A dressmaker’s bean skirt, and greetings from Brazil!

Toby Buckland
Save the environment with well-chosen trees, says Toby


Product tests

Tried and Tested: Vine Weevil Products
Six treatments for tackling these root-munching pests


Cover photo: Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blaumeise’ (pic: Alamy)