Amateur Gardening cover July 14 2018

What’s in Amateur Gardening
14 July

Free seeds worth £2.29


Jobs for this week

Watering Advice and Tips
Smart watering will help you in this dry weather, says Ruth

Plant Food: Latest Products
A new organic feed range and updated tomato food

Summer Lawn Care
Ruth says you don’t have to worry about brown grass!

Free Seeds: Pansy Blackjack
Great for your bedding scheme, says Ruth


Great Garden Ideas

Six of the Very Best: Day Lilies
They’re beautiful, tough and loved by Americans

Holiday Watering Solved
Six plants that are equipped to cope when you’re away

Crazy for Daisies
Nine stunners for you to grow

Perfect Plants for Dry Shade
Plenty will thrive beneath trees or at the foot of walls

Get The Look: The Circular Garden
A round theme and some interesting stone objects


Gardening Wisdom

Peter Seabrook
How to get the garden back into shape if you’ve been away

Bob Flowerdew
Night-time is the right time to eliminate slugs, says Bob

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Val explains how the lily beetle may be kept under control

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
A sweet trap for wasps, watering secrets, defeat spud blight

Ask John Negus
Doomed delphiniums, wilt worries, multiple viola desire

How to Grow Vibrant Tulips
Anne explains how to lift, dry and divide bulbs

Anne’s Masterclass
How can you stop onion white rot? Anne offers sage advice

A Gardener’s Miscellany
This week’s theme is ‘salad’, so be amazed and amused!

Your Letters
Great tips, plus your opinions and pictures

Toby Buckland
Just like Donald Trump, stinging nettles are a bearable pain


News and Product Tests

Latest News
Serious weather concerns, tragedy of plant hunters

Tried and Tested: Compact Garden Hoses
We try six examples to find the right one for you


Cover photograph: Hemerocallis ‘Ambassador’ (pic: GAP)