Amateur Gardening 14 November 2020 cover

Amateur Gardening 14 November
What’s in this issue…


Jobs for this week

Little Twigs, Big Trees
Enjoy the practicalities and savings of bare root planting in Amateur Gardening 14 November
Heeling In Whips 
Best treatment for bundled whips in five easy steps – plus, best care for bare root plants
Time To Lift Your Dahlias
Do you leave or lift? Ruth explains the options to see your precious plants through winter
Make A Clean Sweep  
A tidy garden will save you lots of bother later, so here’s how to keep everything in check

Great garden ideas

Spring Bulb Containers
It’s your last chance to plant potted bulbs – try these stunning options for spring colour
Winter Fragrance 
These shrubs and climbers for borders, walls & pots promise an aromatic cold-season garden
Wild Roses 
Understated, robust and versatile, these pretty originals are sure to delight and deliver

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook 
Some common sense is needed when dealing with environmental edicts, as Peter explains
Bob Flowerdew 
it’s not just eggs that make chickens useful in gardens – Bob delivers the straight poop
Val Bourne 
Don’t put the whole garden to bed now, says Val – November needs all the help it can get
Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Winter greenhouses, plant red currants, deter wood pigeons, harvest sweet potatoes
Ask John Negus 
Your questions on cordyline crisis, moth orchid care, mystery shrubs and fluff attack
A Gardener’s Miscellany 
Graham gathers together some fascinating facts and tantalising trivia about winter heathers
Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Want to grow beautiful potted acers? Anne explains the best care for container maples
How To Use 
Tim explains the best chemical and physical options for removing shrub and tree stumps
All Our Yesterdays 
Arthur Hellyer selects some of his favourite shrub roses – still available to this day!
Letters To Wendy 
Readers share stories of pallet and pot upcycles, pineapple flowers, and baby hedgehogs
Toby Buckland 
Why is Toby in the pink? This week, he’s celebrating the juicy pink loveliness of nerines
Garden News
AG tackles your lockdown plant-ordering problems; how the industry is coping with demand
Cover: Rosa ‘Cantabrigiensis’ (pic: Alamy)