Amateur Gardening 15 August cover 2020

Amateur Gardening 15 August
Free seeds worth £2.40, plus:

Jobs for this week

Making Cuttings And Potting On
It’s time to make new plants for next year
with some carefully selected cuttings

Softwood Cuttings Of A Pelargonium
Follow Ruth’s easy rules to get the best
results – plus, advice on how to layer

Keep Your Rockery Rocking!
Just a little regular maintenance can give incredible results, as Ruth explains

Prepare Your Roses For Autumn
Make sure plants stay healthy into autumn,
and deadheading roses as they fade

Free Seeds And Bird Watch
Vibrant ‘Irish Velvet’ poppies with Amateur Gardening 15 August 2020 free seeds


Great garden ideas

Hardy Fuchsias
Pretty tough floral picks to brighten up winter, from cool classics to modern beauties

South African Plants
Enjoy a touch of the exotic with unusual beauties that are right at home in your garden

For non-stop daisies from summer into autumn, try marguerites in pots and borders

Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Many plants also enjoy some holiday spirit and a change of scene to thrive, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Clever boxing and storing secrets that will help you hang on to your harvests for longer

Val Bourne
Lockdown has been full of surprises for Val, as a bird of prey pays her a surprise visit

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Grow melons, harvest early apples, prune summer raspberries and save herb seeds

Ask John Negus
Your questions on windy sites, sandy soils, semi-drowned clematis, and a wee problem

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
A prickly problem this week as Anne explains how to best pot on your crowded cacti

All Our Yesterdays
More hybrid tea rose picks selected by Arthur Hellyer in our rose history series

A Gardener’s Miscellany
This week, Graham Clarke’s trivia and quizzes are all about blackberries and brambles

How To Use Tools
Try Tim’s techniques and kit suggestions to help you reach fruit at the top of the tree

Letters to Wendy
AG readers share their stories on free seed treats, sweetcorn tillers and summer pinks

Toby Buckland
Green tomatoes are giving Toby something to talk about, as he tries to turn them red

Garden News
Fears over plant import delays; Alan Titchmarsh on the importance of gardening young


Cover: Argyranthemum frutescens ‘Molimba Mini Yellow’ (pic: Alamy)