Amateur Gardening cover 15 Dec 2018

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15 December


Jobs for this week

Final Tidy Before Christmas
Digging in green manure, and lifting tender perennials

The Gardener’s Christmas Kitchen
Ruth reveals her recipe for horseradish sauce

Winter Pond Maintenance
How to nurture fish and plants through cold weather Great garden ideas

Pick of the Very Best: Pelargoniums
Presenting six stunning picks from 97 AGM winners

Grow Fruit In Small Gardens
You don’t need an orchard to have bountiful crops

Find Space for a Compact Holly
Bright red berries, glossy leaves – what’s not to like?

Get The Look
How downsizing your garden can give great results


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Why the Nordmann fir is the ideal tree for Christmas

Bob Flowerdew
The inside scoop on how to succeed with houseplants

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
What to do with weeds? Val has her own remedies

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Supports for trained fruit, grow lights and soil health

How To Grow Tuberous Begonias
Massive blooms and striking colour can be yours

Ask John Negus
Prune loganberry, odd magnolia growth, moth orchids

Anne’s Masterclass
How to customise potting compost to suit your needs

A Garden’s Miscellany
Garden gnomes are the subject of our trivia and puzzles

Your Letters
Molehill soil debate, leaf lover, and a special cake

Toby Buckland
Toby pays tribute to the oldest Norway spruce in the world


Reader offers and product tests

Latest News
AG does its bit to help the environment

Save 60% on Subscription Offer
The cheapest way to get AG delivered to your door

Tried and Tested: Digging Forks
The best revealed for lifting shrubs and perennials


Cover image (Alamy): Pelargonium Verdakle (Angel)