Amateur Gardening 15 Sep 2018

What’s In Amateur Gardening
15 September 2018

Free seeds worth £2.05, plus:


Jobs for this week

Change Your Bedding!
Plant up some gorgeous winter colours,
says Ruth

Relocate Your Biennials
Ruth shows you how to plant them out now before winter

Don’t Neglect Your Rock Garden
Ruth explains how to help alpines in wet and mild winters

Make Your Own ‘Black Gold’
The best compost is homemade, as Ruth demonstrates

Busy In The Borders
Tasks to carry out now to prepare for the colder months

Free Seeds/What’s On Near You
Ruth explains how to sow your Nigella Persina Jewels seeds


Great garden ideas

Pick of the RHS Best: Sedums
Easy to grow and highly attractive to butterflies and insects

Let The Grass Grow!
Six fantastic grasses selected for autumn interest

Autumn Bedding
Ten great plants and lots of tips for gorgeous bedding

Great Pots and Containers For Autumn
Three fantastic combinations to bring life to your garden

Get The Look
An amazing L-shaped garden in Lancashire


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Could grey be the answer to black plastic?

Bob Flowerdew
Try damsons for a wonderful festive tipple

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
How the weather has affected the wall brown butterfly

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Store an orchard harvest, thin out carrots, grow kiwi fruit

Ask John Negus
Control comfrey, vine weevils and peacock flowers

Anne’s Masterclass
It’s not too late for begonia cuttings and plant pruning

How To Grow Peonies
Anne explains how to get the best out of Itoh peonies

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Trivia, puzzles and prizes on the subject of dahlias

Your Letters
Oregano as a pollinator, RHS lawns, multi-flowered cactus

Toby Buckland
Could September be the best time to prune a magnolia tree?


Product test

Tried And Tested: Special Pot Hangers
Six ways to get pots onto your fence, but which is the best?


Cover photograph: Viola Angel F1 ‘Amber Kiss’ (pic: GAP)