Amateur Gardening 19 Dec 2020 copy

Amateur Gardening 19 December
What’s in this issue…


Jobs for this week

The 12 Jobs Of Christmas
Ruth shows you how to work off all those mince pies, so grab your gardening gloves
and get to it!

AG Readers’ Best Tips Of 2020
After sifting through her post bag, Letters editor Wendy collates her pick of your gardening tips

Free Seeds
Double seed bonanza with Black-Eyed Susan and Ragged Robin, only in Amateur Gardening 19 December


Great garden ideas

Festive Favourites
Garnish your garden with the seasonal delights of some stunning varieties of holly, ivy and mistletoe

Christmas Containers
Try some of these great ideas for cheerful festive pots to give as gifts – or keep for yourself!

Gold And Silver Plants
If you want your garden to gleam, grow some seasonal sparkle with these gold and silver treasures

AG’s Famous Christmas Quiz
Put your feet up, grab an egg nog and test your gardening knowledge with our festive brainteaser

A Touch Of Frost
Feast your eyes on snow white blooms and frosty foliage so you can create your own winter wonderland

Myths And Legends Of The Bramble
Who knew brambles had such a fascinating mythology? Read on, as we look at vampires, elves and imps


Gardening wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Share some seasonal cheer with Peter, as he looks at the new fruit and veg cultivars on
their way

Bob Flowerdew
It’s truly been a year for the books, but what can we learn for future gardening? Bob takes stock

Val Bourne
There’s a relatively new pest affecting her leeks, so Val takes a closer look at a miner menace

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Focus on growing perfect parsnips, tasty celery harvests, better bean trenches, give birds
a treat

Ask John Negus
Your questions on gladioli dilemmas, potted rose leaves, dividing dahlias and a parsnip palaver!

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Want to know how you can grow gorgeous gardenias? Anne talks you through the steps
to success

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Graham invites us all to celebrate the hollies in this bumper collection of puzzles and trivia

How to Use Tools
Want to make good use of woody waste? Tim looks at smart ways to remove or recycle
woody prunings

Letters to Wendy
AG readers share their heartwarming stories of the gardening year, plus some easy festive projects

Toby Buckland
Fancy growing some finger limes for a Christmas treat? Toby explains how to make your Christmas pop!

Garden News
Team AG takes you on a whistle stop tour of their gardening highlights from this
tumultuous year


Cover pic (Alamy): European robin (Erithacus rubecula)