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Jobs for this Week

There’s Still Time To Prune
The sap will be rising soon, so get
pruning pronto!

Hard-Pruning A Fruit Tree
See Ruth’s six-step guide to getting it right

How To Relocate An Established Plant
Five steps to replanting a clematis into an
in-built container

Top Jobs To Get Done In Midwinter
Tackling the small tasks that give big rewards

How To Deal With Winter’s Worst Weather
Smart ways to protect border plants
and containers

Looking After Your Lawn
Keep the grass ticking over until spring, says Ruth

Tidy Up Your Bedding/What’s On
Ruth’s top tips to maintaining your winter stalwarts


Great Garden Ideas

Six Of The Very Best: Hamamelis
Fragrant witch hazel is a must in every garden

Sow Summer Bedding From Seed
Save money and grow your own for baskets and bedding

Six Ice-Proof Flowers
Ultra-hardy plants that will handle the cold weather

Create A Garden Apothecary
Nine herbal helpers that will be more than decorative

Get The Best From Colourful Stems
We show six of the most attractive stems and bark

Get The Look
A Lancashire garden created by the whole family


Gardening Wisdom

Peter Seabrook
Peter recalls a special potato-tasting day with Chas Hodges

Bob Flowerdew
Growing to eat? Think about work versus value, says Bob

Val Bourne’s Garden Wildlife
Val praises the return of a beloved bird – the red kite

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Chitting potatoes, growing seakale, making ‘no-dig’ beds

Ask John Negus
Honeysuckle hedge, cutting back fuchsia, magical chrysanths

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Having problems with your restio plants? Anne can help

How To Grow Daylilies
Anne Swithinbank explains how to extend flowering times

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Trivia and puzzles about scent, plus some AG history

Your Letters
Grape vine pruning debate, fence fashions and tough lupins

Toby Buckland
The tricks that allotmenteers can learn from Ethiopia


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Cover photograph: Calendula officinalis ‘Neon’ (pic: GAP)