Amateur Gardening cover 19 October 2019

What’s in this issue…
Free seeds worth £2.35, plus:


Jobs for this week

Keep On Top Of Pests And Disease
Autumn’s the time to thwart bugs and ailments, as Ruth explains

Essential Cuttings
Take some hardwood blackcurrant
cuttings and check in on others

Looking After Tools
Get to grips with essential gardening equipment and the shed

New Flowers To Grow In 2020
Garry rounds up some of the beautiful
blooms to try next year

Protect Your Fruit Trees
How to save next year’s fruit crop with sticky grease bands

Free Seeds
Grow pretty pastels with Poppy ‘Dawn Chorus’, plus What’s On


Great garden ideas

Japanese Anemones
Grow this elegant autumnal favourite to bridge the seasonal gap

When To Make The Cut
Tamsin Westhorpe considers the right time to cut back perennials

Best Bulbs For 2020
The best new spring-flowering bulbs for your best display ever!

Superstar Shrubs
Nine superb spring and summer options for multi-season interest

How To Grow Dogwoods
Anne explains how to elevate an autumn garden with gorgeous cornus


Gardening wisdom 

Peter Seabrook
Gardeners have made the trade re-think plastic use, says Peter

Bob Flowerdew
Growing hazelnuts is just the thing to suit your protein needs

Val Bourne
Is the earwig a friend or foe to the gardener? Val mulls it over

Lucy Chamberlain’s Fruit and Veg
Herb propagation and winter care, asparagus planting, and Chilean guava

Ask John Negus
John answers questions on unusual berries, mouldy cuttings and banana care

Anne Swithinbank’s Masterclass
Why an olive tree might not be fruiting, and what you can do about it

A Gardener’s Miscellany
Unusual types of tulips are the subject of our quizzes and puzzles

All Our Yesterdays
Interesting bygone ideas for a new-look garden – fresh from 1969!

How To Use Tools
Tim Rumball looks at the best ways to collect and store seeds

Toby Buckland
How crown imperials help you protect crocus bulbs from squirrels


Cover image: Daffodil ‘Spellbinder’ (pic: Alamy)